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Herengracht 160
1016 BN Amsterdam The Netherlands
+31(0)20 638 48 01
August 2014 - Davof opens an new representative office in Dakar, Senegal

Sub-Saharan West-Africa produces a wide range of agricultural products suitable as ingredient for animal feed. Oil mills crush oil bearing seeds like palm kernels, ground nuts, soybeans and cotton seeds. Wheat mills process wheat into flour. >>

The variety of food materials harvested in West-Africa is immense. Davof Handelmaatschappij concentrates on niche products such as hibiscus flowers and sesame seeds, rather than on mass products like coffee and cocoa. >>

The economic change taking place in Africa today results in heavy activity in many fields. From infrastructure to education, from industry (adding value to chain) to non-profit sector. >>

Due to the year long and continuously growing relationship between the two companies Davof Handelmaatschappij based in Amsterdam and Shoreline Energy International Ltd. >>